Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Man Jailed For Throwing Lit Firecracker at Crying Child

A 29-year-old man from Berlin, Germany is facing charges of attempted bodily harm and breaching explosives law after he threw a lit firecracker out of his apartment window at a crying child in playground who was disturbing his sleep.
As one of the mothers who witnessed the incident later explained to the police, the young child had been playing within the designated fenced area of the playground when he had fallen and hurt himself. His loud cries annoyed the sixth-floor resident of the adjacent tower block. Eyewitnesses told the paper that the man initially leaned out of the window and shouted at the child to be quiet as he was sleeping. He then threw a powerful firecracker, later classified as coming from Poland and illegal in Germany, from the window towards the playground. “The explosion from the Polish firecracker burned an area of grass of around 30 square centimetres,” said a police spokesman.
Residents of the building are out of control! Apparently this isn't the first time the unnamed man was seen throwing firecrackers at children in the playground. Users of the kiddie park say another man who lives in the same building has also been seen throwing firecrackers at kids in the park.
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