Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creflo Dollar: Bishop Eddie Long Had a 'Wreck', He's Still Going to Heaven

Megachurch pastor Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. (he's the founder of World Changers Church International and Creflo Dollar Ministries in Atlanta and preaches that God provides material prosperity for those he favors) has come to the defense of the indefensible -- his friend, Bishop Eddie Long, who (allegedly) coerced four young boys into sex then he settled the lawsuits out of court last month. In this jaw-dropping video, Creflo calls bishop Long's legal drama a "wreck" and issued this missive to the "negroes" who're leaving his church in droves: "If you from that church that you know what I'm talkin' bout and you tryin' to join here? I don't want you here! That is my friend! That is my brother in The Lord! And if you came from there, you get on back over there where you supposed to be and do what you s'posed to be doin'!" [*picks jaw up from the floor]* Listen here, pastor "Gimmer Yer" Dollar, when a man -- a preacher no less -- sexually assaults a young boy it's not a "wreck", it's a muddaeffing crime! We're honestly stunned -- mostly at the brainwashed flock hooting and howling at this supposed man of God, spew such complete and utter madness. Sidebar: We wonder what Creflo's hiding. He does live in Atlanta -- the How You Doin capital of America -- after all. Fan out!

In the interim, watch false prophet Creflo "Gimme Yer" Dollar recite false scriptures to those under his voodoo spell.

Update: After folks (probably from Creflo and Eddie churches) flagged his video (the one at the top of this story), the YouTube channel of the NotYourTypicalNegro was terminated. He's back and he takes us to Eddie Long's house. He wanted to ask the bishop if he had anything to do with his channel being shut down.

And just because: Here's the video of an empty parking lots at New Birth Baptist Church.

Sidebar: This Atlanta pastor makes an interesting point about Eddie Long and his accusers.

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