Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Man Sues Chronically Tardy Doctor For 'Stealing' His Time

Ken Fleckenstein, a self-employed handyman in Dallas, Texas, has filed a civil sued against his podiatrist, Dr. Robert Taylor, for "stealing" his time. Ken says on one visit to the doctor, he waited 87 minutes before he was seen, then on a follow-up visit, the doctor was 51 minutes late. "I made an appointment and I expected to be seen at or within a few minutes of that appointed time and I wasn't," Ken said. "I could have been working and making a living." So, he sued the doctor for $1755 plus the money for time spent waiting -- $92. Six jurors unanimously sided with the doctor -- admitted to double booking and sometimes triple booking patients but said emergencies always take priority. Ken adds: "When a doctor is given his medical license to practive medicine, it does not automatically grant him the authority to steal people's time. That's what he did for me, he stole my time and he stole money out of my pocket." Hear hear.

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