Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bat-Wieldin' Granny Chases Off Naked Burglar

Early Sunday morning, a man broke into a Manchester, NH home through a kitchen window, went to the refrigerator, made himself a snack, and made his way to the bathroom to take off all of his clothes. As he was walking up the stairs to the second floor where a 21-year-old man was sleeping, the 70-year-old homeowner known as "Bonnie" awoke (cause you know the old people are light sleepers) and sprung into action. “When I got into the hallway, this man is standing there butt naked and I’m saying, ‘Who are you? How did you get here? Get out of my house! Get out of my house!’ He wouldn’t leave. He just stood there,” Bonnie, who walks with a cane, said. "When I got the bat, he turned and he ran. Then I got downstairs and he sort of launched at me and I was like, ‘Oh no you don’t! Not in my home!’ and that’s when I hit him with the bat." Bonnie said she aimed at "vital areas" and connected with a solid impact, as the man was last seen crawling toward the first-floor bathroom to get some of his clothes before fleeing the house. “He's telling me about his arm, I hurt his arm. I said ‘you're lucky, you're very lucky all you're talking about is your arm,'" Bonnie said. The suspect, described as a Hispanic man in his mid-to-late 20s with long dark hair, did leave his pants behind, which, of course, had his wallet inside them. “What happened to him the first time, that was nothing compared to what I’ll do to him the second time,” Bonnie said. “That’s not a promise, that’s a threat.” Run tell that, homeboi!

And because she's our hero, here's another interview with grandma Bonnie.

source: WHDH | NECN
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