Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daughter Kicks Out Elderly Parents to Make Room For Her 11 Dogs

You've heard about animal hoarding and crazy people, but chances are you've never anything like this. A woman from St. Petersburg, Russia kicked her 70-year-old parents out of their apartment a year ago to make room for her 11 dogs. According to reports, the case when to court and a judge ordered the daughter to let her parents back home, but when police arrived to enforce the order and remove the dogs, things got out of hand. Police had found a home for the dogs and then informed the woman of the specific date and time of their arrival to take the dogs, but she told them she'll have "a surprise" waiting for them. She sure did. "First, the woman locked herself in a room with the pets, barricading the door with boxes, wardrobes and other things," police said. It took officer more than three hours to get inside the apartment, with the woman throwing glasses and dishes at them from the windows and then spraying tear gas in a hole between doors. The dogs put up resistance too, one of them biting an officer on the shin. Eventually the men managed to get the woman handcuffed and taken to jail. The rabid dogs were given sleeping pills and taken away and the elderly parents were moved back in. Cuckoo!

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