Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bed Bug Infestation Is No Laughing Matter, But...

Queen Carter's apartment is infested with bed bugs. It's gross. So she called up the local TV station to get the apartment complex's management company's attention. It worked. Queens says... Wait, what the hell is she saying? Oh, “The day before yesterday, I sat him on the couch and he started crying. I’m looking at him wondering why he’s crying (and then) I picked him up and saw the bed bug. It was biting him." She says when she moved into the apartment, she was unaware of a bed bug infestation. “If I knew they were like that I wouldn’t have moved over here,” she says. Now, Queen, along with her 7-month baby, her baby daddy AND her brother, sleep in the closet in the bedroom to escape the critters.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, a man has sued a local motel claiming his room was infested with bed bugs when he stayed there two years ago! In the lawsuit, Richard Delaney said he stayed at the Abe Lincoln Motel in August 2009. While he was there, he noticed “scabs, red spots and wounds forming on his body" and “dozens of insects and bugs crawling” on his bed. Karen Gasser, the motel’s general manager, said they don't have bed bugs; the building is sprayed and inspected every month. She says Richard had an animal “infested with fleas” and didn’t clean his room while he stayed there. “He’s not getting a dime,” Karen said.

sources: WSB| Sun-Times

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