Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This 80-year-old Woman Was Jailed For Selling Crack -- Again

Ola Mae Robinson may be 80 years old and walks with a walker, but police in Prichard, Ala. say she's a known crack dealer. Last June, she was jailed for possession and distribution of crack cocaine, and after a raid on her home Wednesday, she was arrested and very, very slowly carted off to jail when cops found "quite a bit" of crack cocaine and pills. Ola Mae -- who's probably suffering from dementia or some other disease (or is it the crack use?) that messes up her memory -- says she's being framed. "I don't have time for no crack cocaine," she tells WPMI. "It wasn't mine! Til they found me I was sitting up in my chair noddin!" Oh, Ola Mae, you slay us. Sidebar: Crack is whack!

source: WPMI
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