Friday, October 14, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long Hopes to Stick It to Blabbermouth Accusers, Again

Last month, we told you Bishop Eddie Long is demanding Jamal Paris, Spencer LaGrande and Centino Kemp -- three of the five men who accused him of sexual coercion then settled the lawsuits out of court -- return the money he paid them, because the men violated the non-disclosure clause of the settlement agreement when they went on a media tour and spilled tea on Twitter. Now, there are some consequences to be had. First, the lawyers who negotiated the reported $1.5 million each of the men received to quietly into the night, are no longer representing Jamal, Spencer or Centino, citing conflict of interest because they will likely be called as witnesses as Bishop Long takes his fight to court. Second: Bishop Long's attorneys say they can recover "$300,000 per violation", adding there's "no cap" on the amount of damages they can recoup. Should the judge agree, Jamal, Spencer or Centino will likely be in the poor house in a few months -- well, until they publish that tell-all.

source: WAGA
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