Monday, October 3, 2011

Doctors, Nuns Stole Babies Then Sold Them Into Adoption

A couple weeks ago, we asked if the Catholic Church was stealing babies then placing them into adoption after we read about a Houston man who has been fighting to regain custody of his biological child, who was basically kidnapped by the Church. While that's a shocking case, what happened in Spain will blow your mind. According to Global Post, as many as 300,000 babies were stole by doctors and nuns between 1960 and 1989 and sold into adoption for about 200,000 pesetas ($1600).
Despite the staggering numbers and the fact that these cases are spread across Spain, prosecutors say they don't believe it was a "baby mafia," but a macabre business involving public and private hospitals, doctors, nurses, midwives and even nuns who wanted to make money. Typically, doctors and nuns would tell mothers their babies had been born dead, or that they had died shortly after birth, Barroso said. Then they would sell the newborns to adoptive parents and forge all official documents. After being told their newborns died, mothers would usually request to see their children, but doctors and midwives would deter them.

source: Global Post
Some adoptive mothers were told to fake pregnancies by putting pillows under their clothes and some fed lies. According to one man who has since reliazed he was victim of this scam, the nun told his "adoptive" mother that his biological mother was a drug addict who did not want to keep him. “My adoptive parents thought they were doing something legal, and that the money went for the documents, doctors, and so on,” he said. No one has been arrested or charged since cops began investigating this case two years ago.
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