Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Crazy Person Scorned

As far as stalkers go, 49-year-old Toni Jo Silvey of Houston, Texas, is pretty out there. She is facing charges of stalking her ex-boyfriend, a "leather artist" named Peter Main, who dumped her via this two-line email: "Hello Toni…I feel pressure from you when you do not intend it, and can no longer be your lover…I am in a strange place in familiar surroundings. Again, never my intention to cause you upset, Peter." After that, Toni went batsh*t crazy! According to court documents, she smashed the windows of his house with a tire iron twice in July and again in August. On Aug. 7, Peter said he saw Toni smash another window with a 5 foot sword and ram her SUV into his parked car, which then struck and damaged his garage. She rammed her car into his in August and Toni admitted to egging Peter's home twice. But, that wasn't enough. From June 14 to July 19, she called him 475 times and sent 282 emails. From July 20 to September 5, Peter told investigators he received another 526 calls and 430 emails, including 146 calls on August 4 alone. Think she was done? Hell to the no! In June she started a rant-filled blog, throwing grease at Peter.
Peter I am not yet 50 years old, I have twelve years before I reach your age now, it is not too late for me, can you say the same? I in general have taken better care of myself physically, I am miles ahead of you in awareness in therapy, (admittedly I am a very angry woman on many levels, now how much of that has come about because of you…well…I guess if it comes to that a jury will decide.) I do not suffer or want for male companionship, although on some levels you are brilliant Peter, allow me my ego for a moment, you are no match for me. I am most angered at this point at myself for being your fool for so long, but mostly at the complete lack of respect you afforded me and I allowed, but the biggest rage burning in my heart is what you nearly did to my ability to write and what you have done to my book. I am also beyond livid that you CLING to your DENIAL and lies to make yourself appear a decent human being. You once showed promise of being a decent human being, but you could never cross that line to decency completely nor could you hang on to it. And after your little tet e tet with that tramp, you have been even more abomidable. Admittedly with my disorder, I have issues with people, but what the f**k is your excuse??? Who is there for you Peter? Your leather groupies? You are aging, you are slowing down, you can’t keep up, if you view your notarity of ten years ago verses today, you are fading and you can’t handle that, so I guess it has just made you the bastard I believe you are today. You are not aging gracefully. Your Aussie princess was the most embarrassing cliche ridiculous evidence of that! Good GOD, how many ways do you have to make an ass out of yourself and how many professionals do you have to hear it from to understand you are just as messed up as me, maybe even worse, although I can’t say that definitively....You are even crazier than I am, if you believe for one minute at this point that I have any delusions of salvaging ANYTHING with you, nor do I want to, you are incapable of that much change, you have proven that repeatedly…I would rather give myself a lobotomy with a set of knitting needles than to EVER go through a relationship with you again, it would be more productive that is for sure…Wake up Peter…you did this to yourself…I am only the messenger!!! I didn’t make your choices you did…it’s called A-C-C-O-U-N-T-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y! Even you are not immune….
Peter then threatened her with litigation, but crazy Toni wasn't scared.
A lawsuit, will be long, drawn out, public, humiliating and draining for us both, BUT I have no doubt, with the lawyer I will have, I will annihilate you. If this is where it needs to go, then I am sad, very very sad…but now I am simply taking a page from your book. I am thinking only of me,me,me…and surely you must realize I have to be pushed very very very far past the breaking point to be that selfish. That’s two things I am not…a liar nor selfish! You need to step up and face this, I put Rick off for a few days, but once I enter that office, if I sign that employment contract, I am giving him carte blanche to chew you up and spit you out, and I will not back away nor feel guilty if you push this venue, I will repeat, I am only giving you the level of respect you have given me all along! NO MORE, and no more lip service, I want my book’s value back, I want my dignity and self respect back that I allowed you to tromp all over, and I want to move on with my life and pray I never come across such a son of a bitch like you again! So you need to decide, and this time I am not allowing you to smooth it all over and pull the same tired shit. You don’t hold any of the cards here anymore, and what you always counted on was my weakness in loving you…well, that is gone…now I don’t give a fuck what you want of what happens to you, if this is how you choose to be. You have fucked things up so beyond human decency, now I play at your level, this is all about me, me,me, me, me! How I get what I need to move on and heal matters not to me anymore, you have been given dozens of chances to behave decently, you could never hang on to that decency for any length of time and you can justify that all you want, I have been verbally abusive when you have not done this…but again I will remind you, the ONLY THING we have ever fought about was this: HOW YOU TREATED ME! And that hasn’t changed. And I am done with it all, and trying to reach you…you think you are above me and you do not owe me respect and human decency…you are about to learn now…you fucked with the wrong woman…I will tolerate no more…I loved you once, I cannot even think about all I did to try to be there for you on any level, and you continually fucked me over all the while taking what ever suited you…well P, I don’t love you anymore, and now you have to decide how this ends, but know one thing, Peter Main, it is not YOUR WAY OR NO WAY any longer. I have had enough of you! So readers, if the blog goes on hiatus or dies, it will be because I am busy in court tearing Peter Main a new asshole because his ego and false pride will not allow him to see who or what he truly is and how that destroys people’s lives.
When investigators asked her about her stalkeristic behavior, Told told them: "read my blog, read my blog, it's all there." And so they did. In her postings, she admits to the crimes.
The first window I broke in a rage. The second window I broke out of spite after reading that email about the glass and impossible to replace, et.seq…I was so insensed I went to his house after I had collected some money from my clients offering to pay for the window, the coward hid, only acknowledge he was there because his shadow on the wall while he stood in the laundry. I told the little chickensh** through the mail slot, he needn’t answer the door I was there to pay for the window, again he back paddled and kept whinging, “I don’t want your money you can’t afford it.” True enough I can’t, but I broke it I’ll buy it…he contined to whinge and whine and protest, refusing to give me a figure for the glass, and I certainly wasn’t going to just give him all my money…

Peter has told police he's in fear of his life and property and has requested an order of protection against Toni. Hey, this has us thinking: Is crazy Toni in Houston is Toni aka "Mrs Michael Jordan" who used to call Wendy's radio show back in the day? Hmmmmmmmm.

sources: KTRK | Crazy Toni's Blog
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