Monday, October 17, 2011

WATCH: Drunk Lady, Theft By Mini Blinds

Heeey! Lisa Valdez, 42, of Albuquerque, NM was jailed after she walked out of a stolen vehicle with her pants around her ankles and urinated on the ground.

After an Austin, Texas TV station put a klepto on blast, he returned the stolen merchandise to the store and apologized. Isn't that special? The shop owner decided not to press charges, though.

Two men are accused of robbing and beating a man they just at a bar with mini blinds.

The parents of a high school male cheerleader is threatening legal action after the principal licked the boy off the cheerleading squad and suspended for kissing another male student on campus.

And just because... Tyrone Jones is back with a awe-inspiring rendition of a Beyoncé track.

Do you need to shake your head at? Shake at these ignant donkeys who went on national TV with this mess.

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