Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WATCH: Moody Roomie, Professional Plaintiff, Sickening Drag Droids

An idiot called 911 five times because of a broken iPhone. We believe 48-year-old Michael Alan Skopec's iPhone was locked and he was too drunk to remember the password. Anyway, he was carted off to jail and charged with obstructing or resisting a peace officer.

Anthony Johnson, 20, has been charged with murder after he shot his roommate -- who asked him for a ride to work -- with an AK47 in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in Tampa, Clarence McDonald was making 67 prank calls to 911 within two hours claiming he was being shot at and his daughter was trying to kill him. The idiot was arrested and charged with misusing 911. While the driver of the car in which he was traveling while making this calls, Bonnie Martinez, was charged with possession of cocaine.

What's that smell? A granny who was trapped in a septic tank for hours.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Calif., residents of a trailer park are living in raw sewage.

Man walks into a Portland, Ore. bar with a gun and tried to rob the place, gets a bullet instead.

Most people who cross the border into the United States illegally are seeking a better life, but this leech is giving all those people a bad rap. Meet Alfredo Garcia. The 41-year-old undocumented immigrant has filed more than 600 lawsuits against Southern California businesses, claiming they are not accessible for the disabled. Over the years he's received $166,000 in settlements, but he openly admits he hasn't paid taxes on any of that money -- or paid any federal income taxes since 1995. "I'm going to pay, maybe," he said. He needs to be in jail.

Paul LaDuke, 75, a math teach at a Christian high school in Schaumburg, Ill., was fired after a student saw him masturbating in call while teaching. Old perverted Paul admitted to police he has been fantasizing about female students while masturbating in class for the past 10 years.

The library reopens this January.

BET premiered this video of Beyoncé's End of Time today. They presented it to be the official video of the song, but it appears like it's just a mash-up of her previous live performances of the song. We sure hope it's not the actually video for arguably the best track on her album that, for reasons unbeknownst to the world, she didn't release as the lead single.

William Null is accused of murdering his aunt (whom he may or not be living with) over $50 she owed him for a box of cigarettes.

If you're planning to sleep with someone in Dallas, Texas, protect yourself.

Cops in Columbus, Ohio have warned Rachel Sisson that if they get one more noise complaint stemming from her son playing drums, they will arrest her and put the boy in foster care.

High school football players a high school in Westport, Conn. probably loved their coach.

When will people learn: DO NOT steal an iPhone!

Twin brothers Rodney and Roger Wagner are accused of defrauding members of a Dallas megachurch out of millions of dollars.

A woman from Long Island, NY says Azoumana Ouattara -- who works in a hospital's psychiatric ward -- choked her 6-year-old boy because he became agitated and cursed at him.

A man drove to a Tampa police station with a dead body in the trunk.

The woman kidnapped a 72-year-old woman from a Walmart parking lot from a Walmart parking lot and forced her to drive all around Battle Creek, Mich. at gunpoint.

This lady came upon a rope swing in the bushes and decided take a go at it. She fell off said swing and broke her ankle. Now she's on the news?

24-year-old Darrin Miller, a teacher at Sheffield High School in Memphis, Tenn., was jailed for trying to lure young boys to his car and offering them money for sex. As we've reported before ALL of the teachers at this high school are sleeping with the students. Well, so it seems.

Victor Lewis , 41, who repeatedly assaulted an 11-year-old girl he met last January while working for Liberty Tax Service in Milwaukee, was sentenced to 15 years in prison and gets a tongue lashing from the judge, to boot.

Whaaaat? Cops in Atlanta are arresting their own for police brutality? Let's see if these charges stick.

This video is old, but it's new to us. Ohmigod!

Protestors are planning to occupy all of NYC on Thursday. You can watch the live feed below.

Sidebar: If you wanna hear how the cops are mobilizing to attack and violate these peaceful protesters' civil rights, listen to their scanner here.

It's going down!!!
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