Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Man on Trial For Strangling Wife to Death: The Dog Did It

A 50-year-old German man, who was convicted of manslaughter after his wife was found strangled to death in their bathroom in D├╝sseldorf November 2010, has been given a new trial and has come up with a brand new theory why his wife died: The family pet, a Labrador Retriever, did it. According to reports, the man's initial conviction was overturned because the court ruled they it couldn't determine whether the woman's death was accidental o intentional. The man’s lawyer said he and his wife had been drinking heavily and were pissy drunk on the night she died. He told the court his wife had fallen over in the bathroom and, because he was inebriated, was unable to lift her up. So he placed a pillow under her head and handed her a blanket and went to bed. When he awoke about 4pm the next day he took the dog for a walk and talked with his mother on the phone -- then he went to the bathroom to check on his wife, who was dead. The man now days their 77-pound dog must have smothered her. Sure, blame it on the dog.

source: The Local
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