Thursday, January 26, 2012

WATCH: Babysitter Pours Laundry Detergent on 'Evil' Newborn Baby, Teacher Orchestrates 'Slave Game'

Mabinty Williams is behind bars where's she safe. She was babysitting a 4-week-old baby for one of her husband's co-worker earlier this month when she knocked on a neighbor's door and told them "there was a random baby in her house and she didn't know where it came from." She said the baby looked "evil" and asked the neighbor to come see it. The neighbor didn't take Mabinty up on the offer, but called police instead. By the time officers got the scene, it was already too late. Mabinty poured laundry booster and salt on the newborn's face and it was having difficulty breathing. When cops asked her how the detergent got on the babes face, Mabinty told them "I didn't do anything." The child suffered chemical burns to its eyes and mouth and is recovering at a local hospital. Mabinty is charged with child abuse and is currently in a Federal Way, Washington jail -- more than likely in a padded room, because b*tch is crazy!

During a taping of the popular Telemundo show “Cristina” in Doral, Florida last night, there was drama. Then again, there's always drama on that show. Anyhee, Corey Eubank (who's facing charges for assisting a tranny inject cement and Fix-a-Flat into women's buttocks) was a a guest, along with some of the victims. Sometime during the discussion, a woman from the audience ran up on stage and attacked him.

Here's 8 minutes of absolute lunacy! Earlier this week, a man entered an apartment complex laundry room and stole $75 in quarters from every single machine. It took him more than 30 minutes to tip over the machines and steal the coins. Cops arrested Edmond Ballard and charged him with breaking and entering and tampering with coin machines.

Were you expecting your tax refund check this week? Yeah, good luck with that.

Sh*t Samuel Jackson says.

When Deanna Dyer noticed that two men just burglarized her home, she didn't just call 911 to tell them to come quick -- she chased after the suspects, while on the the phone with 911 and carrying her toy poodle. And oh, she just had open-heart surgery. We need granny Karen to police that neighborhood.

Teachers in the Atlanta area don't have a clue. Weeks after a teacher got in trouble for including math problems that referenced slaves and slave owners on 3rd graders' homework, another 3rd-grade teacher thought it was a great idea to play a game of tag where some students were "slaves" being chased by "slave catchers."

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