Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WATCH: Lady Chained Grandson to Bed For His Own Good, More Sh*t (Insert Group) Says

Shirley Mathis of Coral Springs, Florida is not taking your sh*t. The 58-year-old was jailed this week after cops said she's chained her mentally challenged 19-year-old grandson to his bed for the past three years. But to let Shirley tell it, she chained the boy -- and his younger brother -- overnights for his own safety. In an interview with WSVN, Shirley said she used the metal chain to prevent her grandson from getting out of his bedroom and burglarizing homes in the area. "It was for his own good and his own health and his own safety," she said. She faces charges of aggravated abuse of a disabled adult, abuse of a disabled adult, aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment-domestic violence.

Meanwhile, in Roswell, Georgia, Ruth Parada was charged with reckless conduct after she locked out her two kids in their pajamas in the rain around 11pm last Saturday.

But the Mother of Year Award goes to Victoria Hinchcliff. The 26-year-old with a 9, 6, and 5-year-old clearly doesn't have the skills needed to take care of them -- or herself. These poor kids.

Sh*t girls say to gay guys.

Sh*t mothers say to gays.

Sh*t people say to Arabs.

Sh*t white girls say to Arab girls.

Sh*t fat people say.

Sh*t fat girls say.

Sh*t baby mamas say.

Sh*t hood girls say.

Sh*t hoes say.

Louis Vuitton lawsuit-happy lawyers are suing a flea market in San Antonio, Texas for allowing vendors to sell counterfeit purses. LV wants a whopping $18 million. Yeah, good luck with that.

We said MAN GETS EAR BITTEN OFF DURING A FIGHT OUTSIDE A BAR LAST WEEK! Logan Booth claims he and his friends got into an argument with a man inside the bar earlier that night and while they were leaving the man, Erik Pelayo-Vera, latched onto to Logan's ear with his teeth.

For months, Carlos Faxas' vision was blurred and no one knew why. That's until he went to a Tampa hospital who told him he had a parasitic tapeworm! OMG!

A very classy restaurant named Boners BBQ in Atlanta went off the rails when Stephanie Stuck wrote an unflattering review online. The classy restaurant's owners spazzed out, attacking Stephanie's weight, called her cheap and urged other restaurants to ban her from their establishments. You know what? People shouldn't eat at places called Boners.

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