Monday, May 7, 2012

White Lady Sues to Have Black Woman's Remains Exhumed, Removed From Jewish Cemetery

Maria Balaban (who's white) insists she's no racist, but she's so upset that Juliet Steer (who's black) is buried in a Jewish-only cemetery in Colchester, Connecticut, she demanded the body be exhumed and moved. When the synagogue balked -- because Juliet was buried in an interfaith section of cemetery in 2010 -- non-racist Maria filed a lawsuit. To prove how non-racisty she is, non-racist Maria provided photos of her hanging out with Cuban kids decades ago -- because racists would never socialize with non-whites even if you're a social worker and those Cubans you're hanging out with are clients who're in your care. Yep, sounds about right. Fun fact: 95% of the 14,551 people living in Colchester are white; 2% are black.

source: WTHN
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