Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Students Relentlessly Torment School Bus Aide

These young kids nowadays have no respect. In a video posted to YouTube, students at Greece Middle School in Greece, NY bullied and verbally abused Karen Klein, a 68-year-old school bus monitor. Besides making fun of her weight and threatening her with physical harm, the students got very personal - and very crude. Karen tells the local TV station "there was nothing really that I could do about it. You can't hit the kid. If you yank the phone out his hands then you get in trouble." Which is what happened this 70-year-old school bus monitor who put the beatdown on a 14-year-old who constantly bullied her. Anywho, Karen says she'd like for the little terrors to be grounded for the rest of the year. As for the school district, they say: "We urge patience to allow us to investigate and determine the appropriate discipline." School's on break for summer, so good luck with that. These kids should not be allowed to ride the school bus again. Ever. (Addendum: The bullies are four boys.) Their parents should be so proud.

This is the full video.

Sidebar: The Internet is understandably up in arms. So far, people have donated more than $95,000 to Karen for a "vacation of a lifetime." (She makes $15,506 a year as a school bus aide.)

UPDATE, June 21: Karen's media tour has begun. She appeared on the Today show this morning.

She was on Fox, too.

source: WIVD
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