Monday, July 30, 2012

Coroner Returns Dead Woman's Personal Effects to Her Husband -- Covered in Decayed Flesh

In news almost as bad as the hospital who staged a photo shoot with a woman's dead baby then mailed her the photos, is this story out of Aiken County, South Carolina. Wendell Baughman is a grieving husband. After his wife, Melody, took her own life earlier this year, the Aiken County Coroner's Office finally returned her jewelry and other personal effects to Wendell in an evidence bag. But Wendell can't bear to look at even -- much less open it -- because of the overwhelming odor of decayed human flesh. "It still had decayed body matter and hair and things like that in her jewelry, and they handed it to me that way in the bag and said that they did the best they could with it," he said. The coroner says his staff "cleans personal items as thoroughly as possible" before they're handed over to family members. Right. This is the same city which police took weeks to locate Melody's body, which was feet away from the trailer home she shared with Wendell.

source: WRDW
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