Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hundreds of People Confront Dallas Police After an Officer Shot and Killed a Drug Dealer

Things just got real in Dallas. Earlier this afternoon, cops swooped down on a known crack house after they received 911 call that someone had been tied up by “five to six Latin males all with guns." Four men in the house immediately fled. An officer gave chase to 31-year-old James Harper. They got into several fights as James ran through an alley and jumped over several fences. James was beating the cop's ass and reportedly told the officer: “You’re gonna have to kill me.” It was at that time the officer, who was physically tired of fighting, claimed he felt threatened and shot and killed James. (James, who was not armed, was shot in the torso.) As news of the shooting spread, more than 300 people and members of James' family showed up at the scene and confronted police wanting to know why they shot their son "in the back" for "no reason." Have they seen James' rap sheet? According to the police chief, James was either arrested and/or convicted of all sort of crimes, including manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance, probation violations, assault on a security officer, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, assault on a public servant, evading arrest, failure to identify as a fugitive from justice and car theft.

Sidebar: Police say they now believe the 911 call they received which directed them to the crack house, was made by a rival gang.

source: KTVT
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