Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Man Gets Job After Threatening to Cut Off Boss's Fingers

Here's a job interview skill you've probably never heard of -- and should never try.
An out of work 26-year-old from eastern Sweden who threatened to cut off a business owner's fingers after being denied a job is facing criminal charges for the violent threat. The incident took place after the 26-year-old man's unsuccessful attempt to land a job at a small business owned by a man in Hudiksvall in eastern Sweden, the local Hudiksvall Tidning newspaper reported. Following the failed job interview attempt, the 26-year-old became enraged and drove over to the business owner's home, equipped with a bag containing a pair of pliers, an iron pipe, a hunting knife, and a cutting board. Upon arrival, the scorned job seeker first threatened to kill the man and his family. He then told the shocked business owner he would to cut off his fingers if he wasn't offered a job. The frightened business owner finally relented to the 26-year-old's demands, and agreed to offer him a job with the company. He also agreed to give his car to the 26-year-old, even signing an ownership transfer certificate. A few days later, however, the business owner reported the incident to police, who promptly arrested the 26-year-old. According to the paper, police have received reports that the 26-year-old threatened three other people in Hudiksvall. He is now facing charges for blackmail, assault, making illegal threats, and obstruction of justice.

source: The Local
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