Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lady Sues After Cops 'Forcibly Removed' Her Tampon During Traffic Stop

Around 4pm on July 17, 2011, Leila Tarantino was traveling in her car with her 1- and 4-year-old kids. As she was stopped at an intersection in Citrus County, Florida, a police cruiser pulled up behind her and the officer forced her out of her car at gunpoint. She was handcuffed and placed her in back seat of the police cruiser for two hours. When a female officer arrived, that's when things got a bit messy. Leila was strip searched twice on the side of the road in full view of passersby (and her children) and during one of the strip searches, a female officer "forcibly removed" a her tampon. (Apparently, the officers suspected she was in possession of illegal drugs, but no drug-sniffing dog was called to the scene and the officers never found anything suspicious.) Leila has slapped the city with a civil suit seeking an unspecified amount for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

source: New Times
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