Thursday, November 8, 2012

And the Moral of the Story is...

.....'don't buy nothing on the streets from nobody." There's sucker is born every minute. Let's meet Jalonta Freeman, shall we? She was at an gas station yesterday in Arlington, Texas, when a man pulled up beside her and offered to sell an $800 new iPad for $200. She handed over the cash and -- you guessed it -- the "iPad" was nothing more than a mirror with gray duct tape as a bezel. Jalonta told a local TV station the iPad looked real, but obviously she's never seen an iPad before. Apple has never made an iPad with a gray bezel. Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, at the Walmart in Pikeville, KY, three idiots looking for new employment after they filmed themselves destroying iPads and then uploaded the video to YouTube. IDIOTS!

source: KXAS
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