Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Man Steals School Bus, Drives to Detroit to Start Rap Group

Josiah Daniel Curtis is batsh*t crazy. He was arrested on Thanksgiving Day in Detroit after he was stopped for speeding and swerving. He was driving a stolen school bus and he didn't have a license. According to police, Curtis stole the Kent County bus from a yard in Wyoming. He jumped the bus yard fence, found keys for several buses and damaged several of them trying to drive them out. He eventually freed one and then started driving towards Detroit. He told police he was headed that way to try to meet a rapper to start his career. If you want to see someone on the brink of a breakdown, go look at his videos on YouTube. It's not funny. It's sad.

Sidebar: His parents say Curtis is bipolar. They say he committed to psychiatric hospitals five times, but each time the court orders ran out after six months and he was back off his meds.

source: WOOD
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