Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Man Calls 911, Admits to Killing Nagging Wife

Joseph Daniel Hilton, 62, from Kershaw, South Carolina is facing murder chargers after he shot and killed his wife on Monday, then called 911 and their child to confess.
"I shot her. I think she is dead," Hilton can be heard telling emergency officials in a 911 call released on Wednesday morning. Deputies say he is talking about 59-year-old Deborah Faile Hilton. "She just kept on and on and on and I could not talk to her," Hilton told 911 operators. "She bleeding out of her mouth. I shot her in the chest." Hilton told the 911 operator that he short up right under her arm. "We was in a domestic argument and we just couldn't come to no conclusion," he said in the recording. "Is she talking to you, sir?" the 911 operator asked. "Naw, she's dead," he calmly replied. Hilton told the operator that he wouldn't be a problem when officers arrived at his home and promised to put to his gun away before officers got to his home. He told the operator that "it has been adding up" for a while. Hilton admitted that officers had been to the home in the past for problems. "We had it out here about a month or so ago," Hilton said. Hilton told the operator that he needed to call his wife's daughter to let her know about the shooting. He's then overheard on the call talking to someone on a different phone. "Come down here, I just shot your momma," he is overheard saying. "I'm just telling you to come down here."

source: WBTV

When officers arrived, they found Deborah's body was found inside the home and that she appeared to have a single gunshot wound.
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