Thursday, March 14, 2013

Principal Jailed For Having Sex With Student at Prom

The assistant principal of a high school in Spring, Texas was arrested after he had sex with a female student at the prom in 2012. A student, who by the way, came onto him. According to court documents, administrators started investigating Mark Steven West, 30, after hearing rumors and seeing inappropriate interactions between him and several female students.
The associate principal spoke to West in December 2012 after administrators heard that he made a sexual remark about one female student and possibly had sex with a another. West was also investigated in the 2011-2012 school year for inappropriately touching a female student on her lower back, but no charges were filed due to lack of evidence. He was ordered by the administration not to have any contact with female students. The allegations against West by staff members and students cropped up again in January of this year. One staff member said she was extremely uncomfortable by the number of lengthy “closed door meetings” West was having with female students. The staff member said she observed students leaving his office, smiling and laughing, with their clothes and hair disheveled. She also saw West “body slam” a female student, in a playful manner, on a couch in the lobby office. Students told investigators about rumors that West had sex with a student at the 2012 Project Prom event. They questioned the young woman at the center of the allegation, who is now in college. She told investigators that she came on to West first and that he initially refused her advances, according to court documents. The former student said on May 12, 2012, she attended the Project Prom event held at Spring High School. She said she started to flirt and talk with West, allegedly telling him that she “was horny and wanted to have sex with him.” The young woman said she continued her advances until he agreed to meet her in his upstairs office. Once alone, the two of them began to kiss and then had sex, investigators said. West denied having sex with the student, but authorities felt they had enough evidence to file charges. When the investigation began in February, West was placed on administrative leave. He resigned on Friday. A man who did not want to be identified said his 16-year-old daughter is among the women accusing West of inappropriate behavior. ”I was stunned, in disbelief,” he said. “He repeated it louder for her friend to hear: are you a virgin? And she goes, ‘yeah what does that have to do with it,’ and he said, ‘oh, I’m gonna let you make it ‘til you’re 21.’”

source: KHOU
While we do not know the age of this loose student who seduced the principal, the legal age of consent in Texas is 17. But and however, Texas has a specific statute that says a teacher or educator will be charged of a felony if he/she engages in sexual intercourse with a students, regardless if that student is of consenting age.

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