Thursday, May 9, 2013

Man Develops Watermelon-Sized Hernia After Drinking Beer That Fell into River

During a fishing trip, John MacDonald dropped his beer into a river in Queensland, Australia, so he fished out the beverage and kept on drinking. Then this ↑↑↑ happened to him.
Mr MacDonald told the Northern Star he became violently ill only three hours later, after picking up a nasty stomach bug from the water. He now has a hernia the size of a watermelon and weeping red sores after undergoing a string of operations to get rid of the bug and developing an infection. The 59-year-old was prescribed antibiotics after he first became sick with the stomach bug on March 20 last year but they didn't work. Eight days later he was admitted to Caboolture Hospital for surgery. "I was unable to eat or drink by that stage," he said. He underwent two operations, which both failed. His family was told he was going to die after he fell into a coma. He was then transferred to Royal Brisbane Hospital and underwent another operation which was successful. But things did not end there for the pensioner. The failed operations had left Mr MacDonald with an infection and what he described as a hernia that made him look pregnant. Doctors told him he would need another six operations to fix things. Mr MacDonald told the Northern Star he was "always in pain". He was due for the first last week but said he was turned away from Royal Brisbane Hospital because not enough beds were available in intensive care. Metro North Health Service interim chief executive Kerrie Mahon said patients were warned of the risks involved with all surgeries.

source: NineMSN
We hope the doctors performed an ultra sound on that thing, because he looks pregnant.
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