Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Man Slaps Male Detroit Politician With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

State Representative Brian Banks is a stunt queen who needs to go back to prison. Despite eight previous convictions for writing bad checks and credit card fraud (not to mention he was evicted from dozens of homes), the 35-year-old was elected as a state representative last November. He told voters he made mistakes and they should trust him, but as it turns out, he still can't be trusted. According to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Tramaine Cotton, Brian hired him in January as a legislative aide. And by "legislative aide," we mean "chauffeur." Until his appointment to the state rep's office, Tramaine worked as a party promoter. Within 90 days on the job, Tramaine unexpectedly received a $6,000 pay raise. Tramaine says Brian showered him with gifts, compliments, demanded sex and demanded they get into a dating relationship and upon rejection, Brian aggressively demanded an explanation as to the reasoning behind the rejection. On several occasions, Brian sent text messages to Tramaine that read “when you go let me suck that d**k." Tramaine claims he reported all of harassment acts to his superiors, however, the acts continued and never ceased. In the end though, Tramaine said allowed Brian to give him a professional, hoping the advances would stop. They didn't. He said he quit earlier this month because Brian continued to sexually harass him. All of this sounds similar to the Jesse Jackson sexual lawsuit, no? Tramaine is seeking at least $25,000 from Brian and the State of Michigan for loss of earnings, benefits of employment, loss of earning capacity, embarrassment and humiliation, mental and emotional distress, and expenses for medical care and treatment. Detroit, it's time to call in Melinda Brown Duncan.

source: WJBK
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