Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Man Tricked Pregnant Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill

John Andrew Welden, 28, of Tampa is facing a possible life sentence after being arrested for tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill. According to a federal prosecutor, John forged a prescription from his father, an OB/GYN doctor, for medicine that can be used to cause abortions. He then switched the pill bottle label to make it appear the medication was a common antibiotic and on or around March 29, he gave his pregnant girlfriend the medicine, which resulted in her losing the baby. According to the prosecutor, the woman wanted to keep the child and John wanted her to have an abortion. We've seen these sort of men attempt many, different methods to forced their baby mamas to terminate the pregnancy, but their attempts always land them in jail.

Update: Remee Lee, who was six weeks pregnant at the time she was drugged, tells her side. BTW: John was charged with first-degree murder.

source: Tampa Tribune | WCPO
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