Thursday, May 30, 2013

The National Conference of Black Mayors is Perhaps the Shadiest of All Political Organizations

The National Conference of Black Mayors, a 39-year-old organization which represents more than 650 African American mayors across the country, is currently holding its annual convention at the Marriott Marquis Atlanta, but with almost $1 million in debt and its inability to pay its bills one could ask why they are celebrating or why the Marriott is hosting the convention when the political organization already owes the hotel chain $131,000 in court judgments. All in all, NCBM owes almost $400,000 in court judgments and $500,000 in unpaid federal taxes. (The IRS has revoked its tax-exempt status and some of that money owed belong to rapper TI's business partner, who loaned the NCBM $90,000 after its executive director Vanessa Williams called and begged him for a loan.) WAGA's investigative reporter Dale Russell went to the Marriott Marquis Atlanta to get answers (video, below), but security escorted him out. Vanessa blames former board president, mayor George Grace of Louisiana, for embezzling funds, but that allegation doesn't hold water.

source: WAGA

UPDATE, Aug. 29: Vanessa Williams -- who used the organization's funds to go on shopping sprees and pay for tuition for her kids -- could go to jail because she refuses to turn over all of the organization's financial record.

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What's the date of the National Conference of White Mayors???

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