Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cops Accuse Woman Driving Down Street of Burglary, Barge Into Her Home With Guns-a-Blazing

Last Thursday, Catherine Evans dropped off a workout partner who lives in an "affluent" neighborhood of Atlanta. At the same time, two men were burglarizing a home in said affluent neighborhood. Since Catherine was the only person caught on surveillance camera leaving the subdivision at the time of the robbery, cops figured she must be involved. On Friday, dozens of officers stormed into Catherine's home, handcuffed, detained and pointed guns at her and her husband, while they searched for items stolen from a home invasion. After finding nothing, cops realized they made a mistake and agreed to pick up the tab for the $2,000 in damages they caused to the Evans' home. Sue them! According to police, a car was stolen during the home invasion and the crime was perpetrated by two men. So, if a car was stolen, what were cops looking for inside the home? The Evans' underground garage? Ridiculous.

source: WSB
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