Monday, June 10, 2013

Man Jailed For Ripping Off His Baby's Scalp While Fighting with His Wife

Kodi Weatherspoon of Fairborn, Ohio, is behind bars tonight after he ripped off part of his 1-month-old son's scalp while fighting with his wife last week. According to police, Kodi called 911 to report a "hurt baby" which happened as a result of a "little argument" with his wife. When police arrived, they found Shunta Darlene Weatherspoon in the apartment sitting on a couch holding an infant in a blanket. She had an U-shaped laceration on the right side of her face. She told officer her husband struck her several times in the face while she was holding their bay that wrapped in a blanket. When she pulled the blanket off the infant's head, officers noticed a large piece of the scalp -- roughly 2" to 3" in diameter -- missing and the skull was exposed. The missing scalp was found on the kitchen floor in front the kitchen sink. Both mother and child were rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Shunta received several stitches and surgeons were able to replace the child's scalp. Upon further questioning, Shunta told investigators Kodi bit her in the face and she thinks he either bit their child on the head or he pulled off the baby's scalp by pulling its hair while he was trying to pull her hair. Kodi told investigators he and his wife got into an argument about home schooling the children and he lost his temper. He admitted to striking Shunta at least 10 times, but doesn't remember how the child's scalp ended up on the floor. Oh, he also told police the child was not injured prior to him attacking his wife, but he saw the injury after he attacked her. Bwhahahaha! He was arrested and charged with aggravated felonious assault and endangering a child. A judge also approved a protection order, prohibiting him from having contact with his wife or son, should he be released from jail.

source: WDTN

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