Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pastor on Trial For Infecting Women With HIV Claims He Doesn't Have HIV Because HIV Tests are Unreliable

This should be interesting. A married Atlanta pastor who tested positive for HIV while in prison goes on trial next week for infecting two women with HIV. He has an interesting defense: All current methods of HIV testing in the world are inaccurate. Don't laugh. He's serious. Craig Lamar Davis, 42, was arrested in 2012 after Ronita McAfee told authorities they had sex four times before he hold her he is HIV-positive. While investigating Ronita's claims, police discovered Craig was wanted in Fulton County on a similar offense. In that case, the unidentified woman told police she had been celibate for 15 years before engaging in a sexual relationship with Craig. She tested positive for the HIV virus in January 2012 and filed a police report in April, a month before Craig began a sexual relationship with Ronita, whom he met on Facebook. In addition to claiming he is not HIV-positive, Craig says he wasn't a pastor when he met Ronita (he listed this as his occupation on his Facebook profile) and never had sex with her. He wants the prosecutor to prove it. And prove it they will. One of the state's expert witnesses is a chemist who helped develop one of the first HIV tests. We've got our pop corn ready and eagerly awaiting how this will turn out. We already know he'll be convicted (his rap sheet alone will do him in), but we are interested to see how this defense "strategy" plays out in court.

source: WGCL

UPDATE, Jan 23: Here's a shocker! Craig was found guilty. His lawyers tried to argue to the court that Craig was taking HIV meds to treat his disease of crack cocaine. LOL. I can't!

UPDATE, Feb. 21: A judge sentenced Craig to 10 years in prison. Here's some more info: According to Craig's primary physician Dr. Courtney Shelton, he diagnosed Craig with HIV as early as 2005 when he came to the emergency room complaining of losing weight and suffering from pneumonia. Several medical staffers at the Clayton County Jail said when Craig told them he was HIV positive when he was booked in 2009. He allegedly told them he had medications with him to treat the virus. Before he was sentenced, Craig took the stand and apologized, saying that he wishes he could turn back time. "I take full responsibility for everything that has gone on," he said. "My heart truly goes out to her daughters. Bad decisions. Very bad decisions. And I opened the door for a lot of people to be hurt."

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