Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Woman Has the Nastiest, Most Vindictive Neighbors in All of Detroit

This story just shows how uncivilized and nasty some people are. For several months now (in the dead of winter) a Detroit woman named Vontina Berry has been living with a large, gaping hole in her roof. She hired a contractor to fix it, but he ran off with her money. Now, a new contractor is willing to do the job free, but her neighbor refuses to allow the contractor to PUT A LADDER ON THEIR PROPERTY! A ladder! As soon as the contractor showed up to do the work, the neighbor posted private property and no trespassing signs outside his front door and told the contractor to leave. Vontina went to the city for help. "I've been down to city council, the mayor's office, I've been to the building and permits department, I've been to the police department. Everybody is telling me 'we're sorry, this man has rights it's private property. Where are my rights? You know what they told me, 'We're sorry Ms. Berry, you don't have any." Because she can't fix her roof, she's forced to use her stove to heat her home. Were sick. We know this is Detroit and there has to be history between Vontina and the neighbor, but can the Internet please use its power for good and help this woman get her roof fixed?

source: WJBK

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