Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Crazy Person Who Engaged in 5-Hour Shootout With Officers Gives Insane Jailhouse Interview

Titus Nathan Colbert, 33, is facing charges premeditated attempted murder of a peace officer and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after a shootout with police in San Diego last week. (He faces 105 years to life in prison if convicted.) According to police, Titus' ex-girlfriend called 911 telling them he broke into her apartment. When officers arrived, Titus fired multiple rounds from an AK-47 at them. The standoff lasted five hours. During this time, several schools went on lockdown and flights were suspended at a nearby airport. Prior to surrendering to police, Titus threw a revolver and a rifle out of the apartment onto the courtyard below. A subsequent search of the residence turned up another rifle and 17 shell casings were recovered inside the apartment. At his initial hearing, Titus told the judge he stood for a "new world order" and would not be subjected to "criminal abuse." He was eventually kicked out of the courtroom. Which led us to this jailhouse interview. When pressed by the reporter, Titus proclaims he didn't shoot at the officers and he's "a very peaceful man." And about his ex-girlfriend, whom he says is a prostitute, he says he was at the apartment because "She was letting individuals get free time … Individuals can't get free time with my girl." And then there's this: "I'm one of the illuminated ones, an individual that runs with individuals like Benjamin Franklin … He comes in and out of my spirit. We do spiritual things like inhale fire." Okuurrrr. Boy bye!

source: KGTV
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