Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Man Beats Daughter With Hanger Because She Didn't Bring Home Enough Halloween Candy

Brian Blair of Racine, Wisconsin man is facing child abuse and drug charges after police say he beat his teenage daughter because she didn't get enough candy while trick-or-treating.

The criminal complaint charges the 33-year-old man with child abuse and cocaine possession stemming from a complaint last Sunday. According to the complaint, the girl walked to her grandmother's home on Nov. 1 to escape from her father. The girl told investigators that she had been struck repeatedly with a plastic clothes hanger because she "failed to bring back enough candy from trick-or-treating." Investigators noted that she also had marks from a prior whipping incident. The girl said she was whipped with a phone charger cord on her thighs and hands a few days earlier. The girl's sister told investigators that her father had also hit her with a clothes hanger. The grandmother of the girls told police that the man had been physically abusing the girls since he was released from federal prison one year ago. She told investigators that the man had been calling her that night in search of the girls. "I'm going to beat the hell out of them when they get here," he reportedly told her. The man was taken into police custody, where 3.5 grams of cocaine was found in his pocket. He could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the enhanced maximums of each count against him.

source: WISN
He remains jailed on $2000 bond. With the prospect of Brian going back to prison for up to 15 years years, his aunt is speaking out, saying he's a good man and his daughters are liars. "He's a good father, those girls have a lot of issues, as you would if you had two parents who are in and out of the prison system," Denise told a WDJT. "As a Christian I wouldn't allow that to go on and take place and not know of it and not say anything." As for the marks on the girls' bodies that are consistent with a beatdown? "I can't tell where those [marks] came from," Denise says. "But if he's supposed to be beating both of the girls wouldn't they both have bruises on them? He disciplines them I'm sure, but I've never seen him beat them. I think every parent is allowed to discipline their child." And by "discipline" what is she inferring? Beatings! So she doesn't see him beating his kids but she's sure it happens. Girl.

Here's Denise:

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