Monday, November 7, 2016

Vote for Hillary Clinton!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 8) is Election Day. It can't be overstated how important this election is and how important it is that you exercise your right to vote. Your future is literally on the line. President Obama's legacy is at stake. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with the best interests of all of us at heart. The former first lady, senator and secretary of state is, according to two US presidents, the most qualified person (man or woman) to ever seek the office of president of the United States. For more than 30 years Hillary has been fighting for children, fighting for women's rights, fighting for affordable health care, fighting for America, fighting for you!

Here are 10 of things Hillary plans to do as president.
 1. Reproductive rights. ...[T]hey’re crucial to everything you care about: women’s rights, economic equality, family well-being, access to education, to say nothing of simple human happiness. Hillary is great on this issue: She supports funding for Planned Parenthood, fact-based sex education, and widespread access to birth control (including emergency contraception). She’s also broken new ground by calling for an end to the Hyde Amendment, which bans the use of federal Medicaid funds to pay for poor women’s abortions. The contrast with [the Republican candidate], who wants to ban abortion and has filled his campaign with hard-core anti-choicers, couldn’t be starker.

2. Health care. As first lady, Clinton worked to pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which funds health care for 6 million children. Now she wants to get resistant red states to expand Medicaid; add a public option to the Affordable Care Act; let those 55 and over buy into Medicare; and offer coverage to undocumented immigrants. She wants to rein in drug companies, and has detailed plans to improve access to care for HIV, mental illness, and more.

3. Voting rights. The Republican Party has been working hard to disenfranchise black, Latino, student, and other likely Democratic voters. Clinton supports automatic registration for all citizens when they turn 18; restoring the Voting Rights Act; extending voting rights to ex-felons; and setting a national standard of 20 days for early voting.

4. Immigration. Hillary will push for "comprehensive immigration reform" — a package that includes a path to citizenship, increasing immigration enforcement and liberalizing future immigration.

5. Children and families. Hillary supports 12 weeks of paid parental and family leave; 12 weeks to recover from a serious illness; universal preschool; doubling Head Start; and affordable child care that costs no family more than 10 percent of its income. She also wants to raise the pay of child-care workers and add quality child-care centers to college campuses.

6. Education. Hillary supports debt-free public college and free community college, with debt relief for current borrowers. Families making less than $125,000 a year, public colleges will be free. She’s also pledged $25 billion for historically black colleges and universities and other institutions that serve minorities.

7. Criminal justice. Hillary will support leg­­islation to end racial profiling and introduce sentencing reforms to end our shocking era of mass incarceration. (Hillary understands that Black Lives Matter. The Republican candidate does not. In fact, he has emboldened racists.)

8. Workers’ rights. She wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, fight wage theft and other employer abuses, and strengthen unions’ bargaining rights. She opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership—
another success for Bernie Sanders. (Just to remind you: [the Republican candidate] has endorsed right-to-work legislation and boasts of stiffing people who worked for him.) She also plans to close the pay gap for men and women, Clinton is advocating for the Paycheck Fairness Act, which attempts to make it easier for individuals to challenge sex-based pay discrimination. Clinton introduced a version of this bill as a senator in 2007.

9. Taxes. Clinton wants to raise taxes on the rich, prevent them from avoiding estate taxes, and close loopholes for Wall Street and corporations. She debunks “trickle-down economics”—the conservative belief that obscene wealth in the hands of a few leads to prosperity for all, and that if you’re poor, it’s your own fault. ([The Republican candidate] brags about not paying taxes, because they “would be squandered too.”)

10. Gun Control. The national debate over gun violence has been particularly prominent throughout this election, and Clinton has made that a focal point of her campaign. She has pledged to close "the gun show loophole, close the online loophole," and "go after what's called the Charleston loophole." All three are aspects of current federal gun laws that allow people in specific situations to purchase guns without undergoing some sort of background check.

sources: The Nation | Politifact
Meanwhile, the Republican candidate -- who's a racist, misogynist, xenophobe, serial liar, bully, a self-admitted sexual assaulter of women and was sued by Justice Department for racial discrimination -- promises to ban an entire religion from entering the United States, punish women who have abortions and deport millions of immigrants. And lets not forget: He has called black communities "ghettos;" said wages are "too high" and therefore he would not raise the minimum wage.

If you care about your future, please spend some time understanding where Hillary stands on the issues. Look up her opponent's plan, too. Look at the things they've said, their policies and visions for the country. Look at the loooooooooong list of endorsements Hillary has received from top national security professionals, military generals, economists and civil rights and world leaders. Her opponent does not have such a prestigious list. Pay even closer attention to the people and groups (like the KKK and neo-Nazis) who have endorsed him.

The fact of the matter is: If you're not white, not heterosexual, not male, not Christian and not wealthy, the Republican candidate -- and to a larger extent, the Republican Party -- doesn't care about you.

Vote Hillary!!! Vote for the Democratic candidates up and down the ballot!!! In order for Hillary to accomplish what she set out to do, she must have a Democratic House and Senate. Look at what Republicans in Congress did to President Obama: They blocked every issue he tried to advance to help Americans, then they went on TV to lambast the president and, without an iota or self respect, called Obama an "ineffective" president.

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