Friday, February 20, 2009

Wendy to Nicole Spence: When You Accuse Someone of Sexual Harassment, Don't Be Beige

All right, Wendy didn't actually say those words to Nicole Spence, but she was thinking it. We've listened to the her show long enough to know when she's saying something without saying something -- if you know what we mean, and we thing you do.

When a female college student called in to the Experience to ask Wendy's advice about a professor who is sexually harassing her, we didn't think anything of it -- just a usual caller.

However, when Wendy began to address the anonymous caller, it seems like she was talking to/about her former talent booker and friend Nicole Spence, who accused the radio jock and her husband of sexual harassment.

Take a listen and let us know if you made the correlation, too.

Sidebar: Whatever happened to that sexual harassment case, by the way? Did Nicole get a settlement to make it go away? Or, was her story so "beige" it failed to make it to court? Probably the former.

BTW: You all know Wendy probably won't be on the radio when her contract expires this spring, right? She often says she's the "new face of daytime" and it's her "new career".
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Justize Freedom said...

I did not even think about the case until of this post. I think it is kinda hitting home for her. But that is true about the filing a case. I think that Nicole should not filed a case until she had everything in order. She is no where to be found now. What is the latest update on the case.

Anonymous said...

So I guess she will be leaving for California where the guests are located when she becomes the Oldest "New" Face of Daytime.

Anonymous said...

They settled out of court, Wendy and Nicole Spence. said...

that's what we thought, anonymous. we've prodded and poked for a little information, but no one is talking. guess the confidentially agreement clause is in FULL effect. said...

oops, if you want to ANONYMOUSLY fill us in on the settlement agreement, we'll like to know.

Anonymous said...

Wendy was very stressed out during the whole ordeal. I'm guessing she was somewhat afraid things would get REAL messy in court around the premiere of last summer's six week SNEAK PEEK, hence, the silent out of court settlement. I guess she wanted to get the "monkey off her back," so that things could go back to "normal." Things at the radio station are still a bit strained though, IE the LONG breaks in between conversation, the so-called economy driven removal of half of her radio show's staff, etc, all resulting from the radio station having to put up a bit of coins toward shutting Miss Spence up. Oh, and you better believe that confidentiality clause is in FULL EFFECT!

Anonymous said...

The station pretty much stuck it to Wendy by firing damn near the whole WWE staff. It's like anyone Wendy brought on board had to go. I just heard her last Friday show and she had to get with the new producer about setting up a best of segment properly. You see, had Trev Hollywood been there, this would have been a non-issue. He did all the best-of and introduced the best-of segments correctly.

Anonymous said...

the person who said Nicole shouldnt have filed is weak. what was she supposed to do? just let people keep harassing her and cursing at her, and making sexual advances toward her and just letting them get away with it? Im sure Nicole is fine now. Dont ever let someone violate you and let them get away with it. Only someone weak would do that! Nicole is a strong woman and I commend her for coming forward with it! If its true, she had every right to come forward. And I believe her, because why would she put her job in jeopardy if it wasnt?

I feel bad that it messed her job up and the dude who did it is all good. He should pay some kind of consequences.

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