Monday, March 30, 2009

Lance Bass Plants Pictures of Himself With Brazilian Hunk

Last week photos former *NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass vacationing in South America with phine-ass Brazilian screenwriter Gustavo Marzolla.

Rumors began to swirl and everyone was wondering: How da hell did Lance pull Gustavo?

Late last week, though, the truth was revealed and it's juicy.

Lance is not dating Gustavo. Lance doesn't know Gustavo. Gustavo doesn't like Lance. Lance took photos with Gustavo then leaked them to the media so he can get talked about.

A friend of Gustavo's told Made in Brazil:
"[Gustavo] went on vacation with a group of friends last month and one of the many people in the group was Lance Bass. Gustavo did not even know Lance Bass (until then). Gustavo posed for many pictures and with everyone in the group that week. Lance used this opportunity to create some much needed buzz for his career by having one of his friends send in the photos with Gustavo to try to make it look like Lance is always with hot guys, and had a new Brazillian boyfriend. In no way is he remotely into Lance Bass....Lance should come out and just say there is no story there, but he probably will not because the buzz is good for him. He totally used Gustavo."

What you got to say now, Lance?

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Anonymous said...

my momma always say, when itz too good to be true, it often is. miss lance aint got it like that. or does she? lemme find out.

Anonymous said...

Lance and the Lobster....isnt that cute!!!

Anonymous said...

lol .. that tan and that chest hair is something serious

Anonymous said...

Lance can do ALOT better than that!

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