Monday, March 30, 2009

Kanye Doesn't Think Gay Men are Real Men

For every step Krazy Kanye takes forward, he always seem to take two backwards.

You know everyone has accused him of being HOW YOU DOIN', and he always counters by saying he's as straight as an arrow. So, when he came upon a blog post someone suggesting his gaybot of the moment - bisexual porn star Amber Rose - is his beard (woops, we don't think he saw our post) he took offense and wrote his feelings down and through his anger, is suggesting that gay men are somehow less of a man, or something.
Hey I’m down here in Hawaii in the studio working on music checking out some cool blogs and I run into a pic with me and girl. White Lightning wrote a whole thing about how she heard I don’t like girls and I have a ‘bear’ etc…. What the f*** are you talking about???!!!

I know my life is the Truman Show for everyone to judge and comment on but I’m not doing a reality show. I’m not doing anything ‘for the camera’!

I have some ego problems, b*tched out at award shows, have control issues and make some questionable fashion choices but never question MY manhood. This is a message to everybody out there!”

Kanye, just needs to keep his pie hole closed.

And, you all, don't question his manhood.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Kanye is stupid as hell, and any gay person who thought she was gay friendly, is AS stupid.

Anonymous said...

agree. Kanye just used the gy people to get what he wants. wendyista y'all r right - amber is a true "gaybot". imma start using that.

Anonymous said...

He says nothing about gays not being men. Get it togther Wendyista, you're beginning pull antics like MTO, and I no longer visit that site.

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