Monday, March 23, 2009

Rick Ross Says He Knows 50 Cent is Gay + He Apologizes For Gay Slur

Rapper Rick Ross, who is currently in a fake feud with 50 Cent is being the bigger man and apologizing to the gay community for calling 50 Cent a "fag," which is a very derogatory term.

But in his apology he still manages to go hard at 50, saying he is certain 50 Cent's gay, just not a "fag."

"I heard I offended the homosexual community recently with terms I've been using the last few weeks - terms like fags, punks, homos, gays — we all know. And what I want to say is I apologize. I sincerely apologize to the gay community, to the people I offended with the words like fags, gays, punks. You know, words like that. I apologize. And just to let the gay community know how sincere I am with my apologies, I'm offering and willing to do a record with a openly gay artist such as Curly, Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent. We all know he's gay. I'm willing to do a song...Even Elton John...Both two great gay artists...So I apologize to the gay community. That's from the boss...Now all the gays, we good. Peace."

Chile, Wendy has been calling 50 a queen since like, forever. How are those ass muscles, miss honey? And that make-up line?

We wonder what facts Rick Ross will unearth to prove his point. Is there a sex tape of 50 getting slayed?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Ross,

I’ll make this short and sweet (no homo!) My name is Khalil Amani and I’m the Spiritual Advisor to gay rapper Deadlee and Gay Hip-Hop. I and a few gay rappers are featured in the current (March) issue of Spin Magazine. Normally, when I read or hear homophobic rappers spewing ignorance, I go in on them! Just ask 40 Glocc, Trick Trick and JapCity! But I gave you a pass. Why? Because we have a few things in common. First, I’m Miami 305, Carol City raised! (The Bahas stand up!) Secondly, we both graduated from Miami-Carol City Senior High (Chief Pride!), albeit, I graduated years earlier than you. Thirdly, I recognized that you were simply playing into the gay stereotype to diss 50 Cent as “soft.” So, on behalf of gay hip-hop heads/rappers all over the world, I accept your apology. I would hope that you realize that you have many gay fans and that they support you. Unlike Trick Trick, who didn’t want any “gay money,” (maybe that’s why his album went double wood?), you Mr. Ross seem to be smarter and understand that money is money, regardless of where it comes from! So, again, thanks for acknowledging the gay community’s issue. Now if you really wanna do some progressive ish, reach out to a real openly gay rapper and do a song! Hit me up if you need to see the light! Peace.

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