Monday, March 23, 2009

Wendy is Being Extorted

Uh-oh. The piranhas/bottom-feeders are coming for Wendy Williams. Expect to see no fewer than three scandalous stories about her and her husband in the coming months,

But, Wendy wanted to let you know what's going down before you read about it. There are some members of her family who are trying to extort money from her in order to suppress the stories.

Listen as Wendy goes in on those family members, promising to call the cops if they show up at the radio station. After the jump, a long-last cousin wants to get back into Wendy's life. Plus, Wendy relives the moment she met a diesel-bound cousin. But because he was so attractive, she couldn't talk to or see him anymore.

Here's the conversation with cousin Karen and Wendy's confession about the attractive male cousin she had to forget.

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Anonymous said...

I love Wendy!!

SANKOFA said...

All this made up crap is publicity for her upcoming TV show.You know how she sets herself up.

Unknown said...

i think that wendy is a man. Her features(face, hands and feet) are too manly. She mocks women... the wigs, breast, menstration,.
Some things she needs to delete to avoid distraction on her show such as, notes tuck away in her wig. Shaking the bags under her arms ( excessive fat). There are area that's great such as Ask Wendy, fashion shows, Cooking
segments and the interviews. One of the disturbing things she did to Erica Byduhe was to have audience remain seated after her performance and did allow her to speak. This is Bad news for African American, When what you do on camera turn on you. Never discriminate in public, remember the 13th, 14th & 15 amendments and always protect those civil rights issues no matter what. We are only a few decades from regression on a national level. Remember the effects of intergration, urban decay on state levels. I suggest you up your game to another level, Howard Stern is White. Please stop the reading of comments on your show! Have a great life.

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