Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rihanna's Two Deadly New Tattoos

What da hell?!

Rihanna's personal tattoo artist posted these images to his Myspace page of the emotionally and physically abused pop star's newest tattoos -- handguns!

BangBang, the tattoo artist, says he wanted to put the guns on her chest "but, cover girl wouldnt have liked it much... and they pay the bills!" so he "ended up doing it on her ribbs..."

Guns! Are you serious!

This can't be for real.

Jesus, please take the wheel.
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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to believe Rihanna is 'using' not just weed, but something deeper. I swear she was high as a kite last year at an awards show. She got on stage and could hardly keep her eyes open.. HEY!

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with the tats? its not our body and how she decides to express herself is her business. if she does do more than weed, SO? She has more than enough money to support her habit, and if she wants to die at a early age that is her business. I think if everyone had more money they would care less about other peoples business, then again, we never seem to know how to shut up about it.

Anonymous said...

ok here's the ticket:
IF she has handgun tattoos that is her OWN business. Tattoos should no longer come with stigmata, they are as commonplace as the boobjobs on models that grace the cover of playboy. Everyone defines beauty and the ideal self-image differently. Give her a break, she's as human as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

WOW her "little guns" are ridiculous. and she should honestly put some make-up on before she takes pictures. i used to think she was beutiful until i saw her true face.ewwwwwwww

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