Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tyson Beckford Says He's Dating a Woman So That Means He's Not Gay

Tyson spoke to BET's Clay Cane about his reality show (“Make Me a Supermodel") and tries to debunk the legendary -- and plentiful -- gay rumors by saying he's dating a mysterious woman. So, that makes him straight.

Please do enjoy.
Are you single?
No, I’m not, but I'm like Brad Pitt and Angelina and Beyonce and Jay-Z—I just like to keep my relationship on the under. The thing I get all the time is, "Oh, he's gay, he gotta be! We never see him out with a girl." Well, I don’t want the world in my business because you got so many people like the bloggers, the paparazzi, YouTube, the camera phones—everybody is always in your business. Those who seen me with her know that she’s stunning. I just don’t want the world to know yet, it’s none of their business.

Yeah, all those rumors -- I never thought you were gay.
Yeah, it's just one hater that put that on me. But, don't get me wrong, I work with GLAAD, I work with Gay Men's Health Crisis—I work with all of that. It's just I'm a straight man who got a little bit of style so they just say, "He's gay."

Whenever Black men support gay people, people get crazy about that. It's a shame.
Exactly! My cousin is gay and I love him to death. I have more fun hanging out with him than I do my straight friends because he's got style, he's got flavor. I can take him shoe shopping with me and my girl, we know we're getting the best advice. To me, it's like the best of both worlds. As soon as people see me, "Oh, he's gay." I'm like, well, I don't have that much flavor. I got flavor but I don’t have that much. I love my gay brothers and sisters.
Who exactly is the "hater" who painted you with the How You Doin' brush? Is it Wendy, who has long thought he is a queen and told him: "I know how you roll, Tyson. Why don't you go shave your beard?" a few years ago? Is it Superhead who caught him in bed with Big Tigger? Or, is it someone else? Hmmmm.

How You Doin'.

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