Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ashley Biden's Cocaine-Snorting Tape Was a Set-Up, Fake

Ug-oh, somebody is going to jail and it may not be Vice President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley.

The video showing Ashley snorting cocaine was preplanned by a man trying to get rich selling the tape, according to

The man, who is apparently a friend of Ashley's, even bought the cocaine and the hidden camera, our investigation has uncovered.

Because of the nature of the accusations, the man hired a law firm to sell the tape. However, after he was found out to be in for the money and had set-up the whole thing, the firm dropped him as a client.

The man who made the tape shopped it to several media outlets but no one was interested.

The woman who is alleged to be Ashley Biden was set up in an elaborate plot by her "friend." The man bought cocaine and a hidden camera and brought the cocaine to a party.

He then made sure that he was in correct position to film her when she snorted the drugs.

The seller had planned to get the woman alleged to be Ashley on tape doing drugs for at least three weeks. The tape was shot this year.

It is clear from the tape that the woman said to be Ashley Biden does not know she is being filmed.

Sounds like dude will need a criminal defense attorney real quick. Paging Mark Geragos!
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