Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Author: 90% of Jamaican Men are Gay / Boycott Jamaica Campaign

O'Brien Dennis stopped by The Experience this afternoon to talk about male sexual violence, rape and the serious problem or hatred in Jamaica against men who are gay or suspected of being gay, which he addresses in the book, The Cries of Men : Voices of Jamaican Men who have been Raped and Sexually Abused.

He says she was sexually assaulted at age 4 by a neighbor, and ten years later, a different neighbor raped him.

And while he doesn't consider himself gay (he prefers not to use titles), you can make your own conclusion.

Plus, he made a comment that 90% (yes, 90%) of Jamaican men are gay or bisexual. He really will need security. [Listen to full interview below]

Go here to find out more about O'Brien and his book.

Coincidentally, While O'Brien was in the studio, many other gay men - and their friends - converged on the Stonewall Inn (in NYC), the birthplace of the gay rights movement for a "rum dump". Basically, they poured perfectly good Jamaican liquor (GASP!) down the sewers in an act of protest.

Human rights activists have branded Jamaica 'The Most Homophobic Place on Earth' after stories upon stories of violence against gay people have surfaced; many of whom have been beaten and murdered while the police and government do nothing. Remember these delusional government official's claims?

Organizers want to stop tourists from visiting the country until they address the human rights.

"We ask all people of all walks of life to send a clear message to the Jamaican people and their government, that as long as they continue to allow and condone violence and hatred toward the Gay community, we will neither buy their products nor support their tourist trade. To do so is to tacitly support the current climate of oppression," they said.

For details and astonishing stories of violence against gay men in Jamaica, go here.
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Anonymous said...

Wendy Williams needs to check her facts before allowing her guest to shoot off their mouth. Plus she is just a blabber mouth and attention seeker. That gay boy is just a liar and want to get sympathy so that he can sell his book.

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