Friday, April 17, 2009

Bow Wow Hates Gay People. (Except His Rumored Lover Omarion)

Don't die from laughter. OK? (We are gagging as we write this post. Someone call the ambulance!)

Here we go.

So, Bow Wow conducted a live video chat with the few "fans" he has left yesterday. During the chat, he revealed that once he was in need of a haircut and asked his people to go fetch a barber. But after he realized the barber was gay, according to BET, Bow Wow told him that he no longer needed a hair cut, saying he didn't want a gay barber to touch his head.

Cause as you know, if a gay barber touches your head, that will make you gay.

Or, maybe this happened around the time he and his alleged gay lover Omarion were getting it in and didn't want to cause jealously by being around said gay barber.

A few years ago there was a YouTube video - which was immediately pulled - showing Bow Wow and Omarion allegedly feeling up on one another and just when they were about to do the "do", the tape ended.

In 2007, he ended a working relationship with mentor Jermaine Dupri. (That was just about the same time Omarion came into the picture.) Jane Doe says:
"...a source in JD's camp, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, claims that the real cause for the split was that Bow Wow expressed to JD that his relationship with Omarion was more than simply musical after the two were caught engaged in a sexual activity. The source would not go into detail but said "He (Jermaine Dupri) was going nuts about it. These two were in a main room in the house doing all this. Me and two other assistants was with him (Jermaine Dupri) and we saw it going down and he sent us out of the room and was yelling and screaming at them".
The source claims that during the confrontation, Bow Wow and Omarion confirmed what happened. The source adds that Dupri was not pleased with it, but ignored it at first because of his close relationship with Bow Wow.

A producer who worked on the first Omarion-Bow Wow single confirms that, "what was going on with them in the backrooms and in the studio was more than just two dudes working on music. These dudes was feeling each other like a man and a woman." He declined to go into detail but he also added that in the music industry it's not uncommon..."to see something like that. Folks do it all the time. Sometimes they do it for money or to get they deals. Some of them are just under the table with what they like sexually."

However, in an ode to their alleged relationship and Omarion's derrierre bustin' outta his jeans, Bow Wow dropped a record on which he raps: “Damn them jeans is tight. You a Omarion lookin’ boy.” What?!

The Internets thought that was a diss track, but it wasn't: It was a love song, of sorts. Allegedly.

Bow Wow clarified, by saying: "O is my homeboy, and I even joke with O about how tight he wears his jeans. He knows how tight his jeans are. That's my homeboy. Everybody knows how tight Omarion wears his pants. It's not a secret. So why is everybody jumping on me? It's a fact. Plus, it's a joke. So why wouldn't I joke on my homeboy?"

Well, he does have a thing for transexuals. Ehaow!

PS: Why is he still giving interviews? Hasn't he retired? And isn't his rap career kaput?

source source2
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the ones who are usually "homophobes" are usually gay. Bow Wow = two snaps, a twist...

Anonymous said...

where is the vid????
i wanna see it
itll be jokes...

Imanii said...

Is this shyt real?

Denzel said...

Someone needs 2 find that video
But I already knew they were a couple, but on their lil show on BET confirmed it for me..the one when the interviewer was insisting that omarion is trying to be like chris brown n how bow wow quickly jumped in and cursed the guy out.

That was a man defending his girl kinda thing.

Bow wows the top n omarions his bottom b***h.
You can really tell...but yea sum 1 scope dat vid up! Lol

Anonymous said...

i want to see da vid... kuz if he is ..i will lick da fuk out of bow wow nd hiz lover..with they hot push ...push firece...lmao

Loi Michelle said...

Bow wow definitely looked like he had something to hide in that so called apology video. GUILTY AS HELL!

Anonymous said...

i always wanted to see bow wow in person and eat him up to oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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