Friday, April 17, 2009

'Britain's Got Talent' Susan Boyle May Soon Lose Her Virginity

"Britain's Got Talent" Susan Boyle is the biggest star in the world right now. Even Oprah wants a piece of her! And so does a lot of male suitors!

In that video which has garnered more than 18 million hits on YouTube, Susan, 48, and lives with her cat, said, “I’ve never been kissed. I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

Since then she's become a sex symbol of sort. Her beautiful voice and great personality are bringing the boys to the yard.

“I’m flattered and delighted by the attention," she said.

However, her friend Jackie Russell told the British rags: “Men are after her now, but rest assured I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.... I hope they’re not just after her because she’s been on the telly. To be honest I think she’s more interested in singing than dating.”

Celebrity publicist Max Clifford estimates she could make $7.5 million over the next two years, if she plays her cards right.

"She has a voice that appeals to a lot people, while her background and appearance work in her favor. She would be the most unlikely star of 2009," he told Forbes magazine.

Susan will appear on an upcoming episode of Oprah, which will solidify her status as a bonafide star!
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Anonymous said...

lol. why does she look like a dude in a wig?

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