Tuesday, April 28, 2009

'Danger' Insists She's Not Crazy, Says Ray J Didn't Deserve Her

Monica Leon BKA as "Danger" from The Love of Ray J, released a video statement in which she attempts to appear stable and level-headed.

She blames her craziness on the pressures of the reality - a show, by the way, she willingly signed up for and refused to be just another "prop" who does what they're told; She a rebel.

Plus, she admits that Ray J "didn't deserve" her.

Psychotic. Prostitute. Paranoid.

See, crazy!

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Justize Freedom said...

This Girl is Crazy!!!

Nas said...

I don't think she is crazy. I think all these shows always have somebody on there so that they can more rating. Because as much as you were saying that she is crazy. I bet you behind was still in front of that t.v at 10.

New York from Flavor of love she brought rating, because you wanted to see who she was going to get into with!

I do think this video was kinda pointless. She's just streching her 15 mins a little longer. Can't blame her, do what you gotta do


Anonymous said...

She is really crazy, because she is trying to hard to clear it up that she's not. She spending to much time trying to defend craziness, and don't want to face the fact that she is a lil off. Ray had to be out his damn mind to fuck her and as it turned out she a prostitute. I was saying that sh** when it was on air, because it was obvious she was with that whores red lipstick she was wearing.... Word of Advice for Danger, go back to black cause that dirty red makes you look more like a HOBo! LMFAO

Anonymous said...

That girl is crazy!!!!! She prove it in this video. Honey if you were so sick why not go home.???I'm not buyin oh she's not crazy, the show made her look that way. Well they didn't have to try very hard! PLEASE. Anyone who puts a tattoo on their face is CRAZIER than a bird on crack. *REAL TALK*

Anonymous said...

whoever said danger is crazy dis person doesnt kno wat he/she want danger is so fuckin beautiful and she's da type of gurl dat i lyk she dont let no nigga mess with her, she's real but she aint crazy...

Anonymous said...

If you dont know her i dont think any of you should be hating on her like that.

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