Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eminem's Dying Mother Wishes to End Feud With Son

Eminem has had a long feud with his mother Debbie Mathers. But now, Debbie, who is dying, wants to end the feud and reconcile with her son, Eminem, and his daughter, 13-year-old Hailie.

Their feud stems from Eminem rapping about raping and killing Debbie; she then sued him for slander and wrote a tell-all book.

Now after undergoing heart surgery, Debbie is frail and on death's bed.

Her mother Betty Kresin tells the National Enquirer, "My daughter Debbie is very sick. Her dying wish is to reconcile with her son and see her granddaughter. It's do or die and Marshall needs to see her before it's too late. She needs heart bypass surgery and she should weigh about 120 pounds, but she's some 50 pounds below that. Her breast cancer is in remission, but I'm really scared for her. I have to go to her house and help her get around. She no longer has the will to live."

Emimen has suffered, losing friends, so we do hope he reach out to his mother.
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