Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jamie Foxx: Miley Should Do a Sex Tape, Heroin and Grow Up

Jamie Foxx is going real hard at slutty Miley Cyrus.

On his Foxxhole radio show, a man called in to talk about Radiohead's refusal to meet the "singer"/"actress" at the Grammys. Miley then promised to "ruin" them.

Yes, we know that's hilarious.

But we digress.

First off, Jamie didn't know who Miley was, but after he was reminded by his co-host, Live on air, he suggested she "get like Britney Spears and do some heroin" and "get some crack in your pipe and start seeing a lesbian" like Lindsay. No, that's not it: He then says Miley should "catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat".

And that was only after she was told to get "get a gum transplant" and someone called her a "little white bitch".

Jamie may be on the outs in Hollywood for this one.

[ video after the jump ]

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ReaLLoveSong said...

Shame on all of these people for this trashy dialogue. How would Mr. Fox's deceased Grandmother like to here him participate in this shameful forum. What if it were about his daughter? A good man would have stopped the direction of that talk. Money and power doesn't translate into class, once again. These people should all be ashamed.

TEXASREP said...

boo who-who!!!! That's what makes white girls HOT in the media... when they act like white trash, but have millions of dollars in the bank.... Jamie Fox was a comiden before his acting/singing career... So naturally, that's what he does best, is tell jokes...

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